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EZ_GetCheckButtonState(3)       EZWGL Functions      EZ_GetCheckButtonState(3)


EZ_GetCheckButtonState, EZ_SetCheckButtonState - retrieve the state of a check button


#include <EZ.h> int EZ_GetCheckButtonState(EZ_Widget *cbutton, int v_ret) void EZ_SetCheckButtonState(EZ_Widget *cbutton, int onoff)


cbutton Specifies a check button. v_ret Specifies a return for the current state value of the check button. onoff Specifies a state, 0 for off and 1 for on.


A check button switch between two values, represented by its on and off states. EZ_GetCheckButtonState returns 1 if cbutton is in its on state and returns 0 if it is in its off state. It returns the current state variable to r_ret. EZ_SetCheckButtonState sets the current state of a check button. It refreshes the display if necessary. EZWGL EZ_GetCheckButtonState(3)

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