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EZ_FancyListBoxClear(3)         EZWGL Functions        EZ_FancyListBoxClear(3)


EZ_FancyListBoxClear, EZ_FancyListBoxDeleteRow, EZ_FancyListBoxInsertRow, EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItem, EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItemUsingIdx, EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItem, EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx - fancy listbox editing functions


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_FancyListBoxClear( EZ_Widget *flistbox) void EZ_FancyListBoxDeleteRow( EZ_Widget *flistbox, int row) void EZ_FancyListBoxInsertRow( EZ_Widget *flistbox, EZ_Item **items, int nitems, int row) void EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItem( EZ_Widget * flistbox, EZ_Item *olditem, EZ_Item *newitem) void EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItemUsingIdx( EZ_Widget *flistbox, int row, int col, EZ_Item *newitem) void EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItem( EZ_Widget *flistbox, EZ_Item *item, int *location) void EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx(EZ_Widget *flistbox, int row, int col, int *location)


flistbox Specifies a fancy listbox widget. row Specifies a row index. col_ret Specifies a column index. items Specifies an array of display items. nitems Specifies the number of entires in items. olditem Specifies a display item to be replaced. newitem Specifies a display item to replace olditem. location Specifies an array of two integers or NULL.


EZ_FancyListBoxClear destroies all display items it currently manages and clears the display. EZ_FancyListBoxDeleteRow deletes the specified row. EZ_FancyListBoxInsertRow inserts the given array of display items at the specified position. EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItem replaces olditem with newitem. EZ_FancyListBoxReplaceItemUsingIdx replaces the item at the specified location with newitem. EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItem sets the selection on the specified item. If location is not NULL, the display will be refreshed so that the selected item will be displayed at the given location. EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx behaves the same as EZ_FancyListBoxSelectItem except that it uses indices.


EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection(3), EZ_GetFancyListBoxItemUsingIdx(3), EZ_SetFancyListBoxData(3), EZ_SetFancyListBoxHeader(3) EZWGL EZ_FancyListBoxClear(3)

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