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EZ_EventMainLoop(3)             EZWGL Functions            EZ_EventMainLoop(3)


EZ_EventMainLoop - dispatch and service events


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_EventMainLoop( void) void EZ_ServiceEvents( void) void EZ_WaitAndServiceNextEvent( void)


These three procedures are event dispatchers. EZ_EventMainLoop is the main event loop. It is an infinite loop that wait for user interactions. When an event arrives, it calls the responsible event handlers to handle the event. EZ_ServiceEvents checks the event queue for outstanding events. If there are any, it dispatches all of them to the responsible event handlers and then returns. EZ_WaitAndServiceNextEvent checks the event queue. It waits for the next event to arrive if the event queue is empty. It then processes the first outstanding event and returns.


EZ_AddEventHandler(3), EZ_AddInput(3), EZ_CreateTimer(3) EZWGL EZ_EventMainLoop(3)

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