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EZ_EnterEvent(3)                EZWGL Functions               EZ_EnterEvent(3)


EZ_EnterEvent, EZ_GLEnterEvent - enter an event


#include <EZ.h> int EZ_EnterEvent( EZ_Widget *widget, int etype, int *values) int EZ_GLEnterEvent( EZ_Widget *canvas, int etype, int *values)


widget Specifies a widget. canvas Specifies a 3D canvas. etype Specifies the type of event to be entered. It must be one of EZ_REDRAW, EZ_RESIZE, EZ_LEFT_BUTTON_PRESS, EZ_MIDDLE_BUTTON_PRESS, EZ_RIGHT_BUTTON_PRESS, EZ_LEFT_BUTTON_RELEASE, EZ_MIDDLE_BUTTON_RELEASE, EZ_RIGHT_BUTTON_RELEASE, EZ_POINTER_MOTION, EZ_ENTER_WINDOW, EZ_LEAVE_WINDOW or EZ_KEY_PRESS. values Specifies additional information relevent to the event being sent or NULL.


EZ_EnterEvent enters the specified event to the specified widget window. It returns 1 on success and returns 0 otherwise. If values is not NULL, its interpretation depends on the event type. If etype is button-press, button-release or pointer-motion, values[0] and values[1] specified the position of the pointer. If etype is key-press, values[0] is the key being pressed and values[1] & (ControlMask | Mod1Mask | ShiftMask) represents the state of the modifier keys. EZ_GLEnterEvent is very similar to EZ_EnterEvent except that it only sends events to 3D canvases. EZWGL EZ_EnterEvent(3)

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