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EZ_DetachFrame(3)               EZWGL Functions              EZ_DetachFrame(3)


EZ_DetachFrame, EZ_DockFrame, EZ_FrameIsDetached - detach and dock frames


#include <EZ.h> int EZ_DetachFrame( EZ_Widget *frame, int xoff, int yoff) int EZ_DockFrame( EZ_Widget *frame, int mode) int EZ_FrameIsDetached(EZ_Widget *frame)


frame Specifies a frame widget or a menubar widget. xoff,yoff Specify an offset. mode Specifies a docking mode, 0 or 1.


EZ_DetachFrame detaches a frame or menubar widget from its parent. The detached widget window will be moved away from its current location by the specified offset. A detached widget behaves like a toplevel widget. It's widget window is invisible by your window manager. However, one can move/scale the detached window by draging the drag handle/corner. This function returns 1 on success and 0 on failure. EZ_DockFrame does the opposite of EZ_DetachFrame, it tries to dock a detached frame. If mode is 0, frame will be docked only if it is close to its old location. If mode is nonzero, the frame will be docked. EZ_FrameIsDetached returns True if the specified frame is currently detached.


EZ_OnFrameDragHandle(3) EZWGL EZ_DetachFrame(3)

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