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EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromImageFile(3)                           EZWGL Functions


EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromImageFile, EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXBitmapData, EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXBitmapFile, EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXpmData, EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXpmFile, EZ_FreeLabelPixmap - create/free an internal label pixmap from file or data


#include <EZ.h> EZ_Pixmap *EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromImageFile(char *file) EZ_Pixmap *EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXBitmapData(char *file, unsigned int w, unsigned int h) EZ_Pixmap *EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXBitmapFile(char *file) EZ_Pixmap *EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXpmData(char **data) EZ_Pixmap *EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXpmFile(char *file) EZ_Pixmap *EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXPixmap(Pixmap pix, Pixmap shape, int px, int py, int pw, int ph, int reuse); void EZ_FreeLabelPixmap(EZ_Pixmap *file)


file Specifies a unix file name. data Specifies an XPM data or an X bitmap data. w, h Specify the width and height of a X bitmap. pix, shape Specify a native X pixmap and a shape mask (native X bitmap). px,py,pw,ph Specify a rectangle within the pixmap. reuse Specify whether or not the pixmap created should be inserted in the lookup hash table. Set to False if you are going to modify pix and you are going to reference pix in the future.


This set of functions creates an internal representation of a pixmap to be used for lables, from various sources. They return the pointer to the created pixmap if sucessful and return NULL otherwise. All these function search for files in the following directories: the current directory, $EZ_LIBDIR, /usr/include/X11/bitmaps and /usr/include/X11/pixmaps. EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromImageFile creates a pixmap from an image file. Currently EZWGL reads images in PPM, GIF, XPM and JPEG formats. EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXBitmapFile creates a pixmap from an x-bitmap file. The created pixmap is a bitmap. EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXBitmapData creates a pixmap from an x-bitmap data. The created pixmap is a bitmap. EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXpmData creates a pixmap from an XPM data set. EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromXpmFile creates a pixmap from an XPM file.


EZ_ConfigureWidget(3), EZ_CreateXPixmapFromBitmapFile(3), EZ_CreateXPixmapFromXpmData(3) EZWGL EZ_CreateLabelPixmapFromImageFile(3)

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