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EZ_CreateDirTree(3)             EZWGL Functions            EZ_CreateDirTree(3)


EZ_CreateDirTree - create a directory tree


#include <EZ.h> typedef void *(*EZ_DirTreeNodeCreator) (char *path, void *data); EZ_TreeNode *EZ_CreateDirTree(EZ_DirTreeNodeCreator nctr, char *pattern, void *client_data, int open_mode)


nctr Specifies a function, the node creator. pattern Specifies a pattern client_data Specifies an arbitary client data, it will be attached to all nodes on the directory tree created open_mode Specifies one of the three ways to open directory nodes, when a double left-mouse-button occurs on a directory node. Value must be one of EZ_DIR_NODE_OPEN_DIRECTORY_NONE, EZ_DIR_NODE_OPEN_DIREC- TORY_DEFAULT or EZ_DIR_NODE_OPEN_DIRECTORY_COLLAPSING. In the first mode, directory node cannot be opened, in the third mode, when a directory is opend, it collapse all other opened directory nodes. The second mode is the default, double click the left-mouse-button open/close the corresponding directory nodes. The node creator should call EZ_CreateItem to create a display item for the given pathname, set up the item as needed by the application (configure appearance, register callbacks etc) and then call EZ_CreateTreeNode with NULL parent node and return the result.


EZ_CreateDirTree finds all files that matches pattern and create a tree representation of them. The root of the tree is always root at "/".


EZ_CreateTreeNode(3), EZ_TreeFindNodeUsingItem(3) EZWGL EZ_CreateDirTree(3)

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