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EZ_ActivateWidget(3)            EZWGL Functions           EZ_ActivateWidget(3)


EZ_ActivateWidget, EZ_DeActivateWidget - active/de-activate a widget.


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_ActivateWidget( EZ_Widget *widget) void EZ_DeActivateWidget( EZ_Widget *widget) void EZ_ActivateChildren( EZ_Widget *widget) void EZ_DeActivateChildren( EZ_Widget *widget) void EZ_ActivateSibling( EZ_Widget *widget) void EZ_DeActivateSibling( EZ_Widget *widget)


widget Specifies an EZ widget.


EZ_DeActivateWidget de-activate a widget. If widget is currently visible, it is removed from the display. A de-activated widget will remain invisible until it is re-activated. EZ_ActivateWidget re-activate a widget. If the parent of widget is visible, its window will be immediately mapped. Otherwise, it will be made visible when its parent is displayed or EZ_DisplayWidget is called on it. EZ_DeActivateChildren de-activate all children of widget. EZ_ActivateChildren re-activate all children of widget.


EZ_DisplayWidget(3) EZ_HideWidget(3) EZWGL EZ_ActivateWidget(3)

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