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DS2415(3)                    One-Wire File System                    DS2415(3)


DS2415 /- 1-Wire Time Chip DS1904 /- RTC (real time clock) iButton DS2417 /- 1-Wire Time Chip with Interrupt


Real time clock. 24 [.]XXXXXXXXXXXX[XX][/[ date | flags | running | udate | See the file man3/standard_mini.3so. ]] Clock with interrupts 27 [.]XXXXXXXXXXXX[XX][/[ date | enable | interval | itime | running | udate | See the file man3/standard_mini.3so. ]]


24 DS2415 DS1904 27 DS2417


date read-write, ascii 26 character date representation of the counter value. Increments once per second while running Setting date to a null string will put the current system time. Accepted date formats are: Sat[urday] March 12 12:23:59 2001 Apr[il] 4 9:34:56 2002 3/23/04 23:34:57 current locale setting (your system's format) enable read-write, yes-no State of the timer interrupt. 0=off 1=running. interval read-write, unsigned integer Interval between timer interrupts. Values: 0-7. See table under DESCRIPTION for interpretation. itime will reflect the interval chosen. itime read-write, unsigned integer Interval between timer interrupts. Value in seconds. See table under DESCRIPTION for interpretation and acceptable values. interval will reflect the itime chosen. flags read-write, unsigned integer General use data. 4 bits (0-15 accepted values). running read-write, yes-no State of the clock. 0=off 1=running. udate read-write, unsigned integer Time represented as a number. udate increments once per second, while running is on. Usually set to unix time standard: number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970. The date field will be the unix representation of udate and setting either will change the other.


See the file man3/standard.3so.


None implemented.


See the file man3/description.3so. DS2415 DS1904 The DS2415 (3) and DS1904 (3) are simple clocks that can be read on the 1-wire bus. They can also be used the time an event, for remote confirmation. DS2417 The DS2417 has the same clock function, but also includes a programmable interval interrupt. Values Allowed are: 0 1sec 1 4sec 2 32s = .5m 3 6 = 1m 4 2048s = .5h 5 4096s = 1h 6 65536s = 18h 7 131072s = 36h


See the file man3/addressing.3so.


http://pdfserv.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/DS2415.pdf http://pdfserv.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/DS1904.pdf http://pdfserv.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/DS2417.pdf


See the file man3/seealso.3so.




Paul Alfille (paul.alfille@gmail.com) OWFS Manpage 2003 DS2415(3)

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