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ControlPanel(1)        DragonFly General Commands Manual       ControlPanel(1)


ControlPanel - Configure desktop settings for FOX Toolkit applications




The ControlPanel allows the user to change the color themes, fonts, and file bindings of FOX Toolkit based programs.


The ControlPanel has three tabs: Themes, Bindings, and General. The Themes tab is used to control color themes, individual colors, and the system font. The Bindings tab is used to associate file extension-associations with a description, command, and mime-type. The user can also assign icons. The General tab is used to control some common parameters of FOX Toolkit programs, such as tooltip delay, mouse wheel speed, and so on.


This man page was written by Jeroen van der Zijp <jeroen@fox- toolkit.com>. 01 January 2013 ControlPanel(1)

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