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Blt_TreeNodeId(3)           BLT Library Procedures           Blt_TreeNodeId(3)



Blt_TreeNodeId - Returns the node serial number.


#include <bltTree.h> unsigned int Blt_TreeNodeId(node)


Blt_TreeNode node (in) Node whose ID is to be returned. ______________________________________________________________________________


This procedure returns the node serial number. The node serial number is useful for programs that export the tree data object to the Tcl programming level. Since node labels (and therefore pathnames) are not unique, the ID can be used to uniquely identify a node. The arguments are as follows: node The node whose serial number is returned. The serial number of the root node for example is always 0.


The serial number of the node. Nodes are given a unique serial number when they are created. You can use the ID to later retrieve the node using Blt_TreeGetNode.


The following example prints the ID of a node. printf("root ID is %s\n", Blt_TreeNodeId(node));


Tcl_TreeCreateNode, Tcl_TreeDeleteNode BLT 2.5 Blt_TreeNodeId(3)

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