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Blt_TreeExists(3)           BLT Library Procedures           Blt_TreeExists(3)



Blt_TreeExists - Indicates if a tree exists.


#include <bltTree.h> int Blt_TreeExists(interp, name)


Tcl_Interp *interp (in) Interpreter to determine current namespace context. const char *name (in) Name of an existing tree data object. Can be qualified by a namespace. ______________________________________________________________________________


This procedure determines if a C-based tree data object exists by a given name. The arguments are as follows: interp Used the determine the current namespace context. name Name of an existing tree data object. Name can be qualified by a namespace such as fred::myTree. If no namespace qualifier is used, the current namespace is searched, then the global namespace.


A boolean result is returned. If the tree exists 1 is returned, 0 otherwise.


The following example checks if a tree "myTree" exists. if (!Blt_TreeExists(interp, "myTree")) { fprintf(stderr, "can't find tree \"myTree\\n"); }


tree, token Tcl_TreeCreate, Tcl_TreeGetToken, Tcl_TreeReleaseToken BLT 2.5 Blt_TreeExists(3)

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