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Banner(1.0)                                                        Banner(1.0)


Banner - the Banner for Afterstep


Banner is intended to be spawned by Afterstep.


The InitBanner displays an Afterstep Logo in the center of the screen for 3 seconds.


Banner can be invoked by binding the action 'Module Banner' to a menu or key-stroke in the .steprc file. afterstep will search directory specified in the ModulePath configuration option to attempt to locate Banner. Although nothing keeps you from launching Banner at start-up time, you probably don't want to. You can also give it an optional file parameter, like 'Banner doomface.xpm' or spcify an alternate default pixmap via configuration options.


*BannerPixmap file Tells the module to display file instead of the built in pixmap. *BannerTimeout sec Tells the module to display for sec seconds instead of default of 3.


Robert Nation Modified for Afterstep by Robert Depenbrock email: robert@eclipse.asta.uni-essen.de


Support for Animated Logos (Multiple XPM) 3rd Berkeley Distribution October 1996 Banner(1.0)

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