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BSpar_isolve(3)                  BlockSolve95                  BSpar_isolve(3)


BSpar_isolve - Solve a symmetric indefinite system of equations using symmlq preconditioned by one of several preconditioners.


A - a sparse matrix fact_A - the incomplete factored version of A, if any (NULL if not exist) comm_A - the communication structure for A B - a sparse matrix comm_B - the communication structure for B in_rhs - the rhs shift - the shift to multiply B by pre_option - the preconditioner to use PRE_ICC: incomplete Cholesky factorization of A PRE_ILU: incomplete LU factorization of A PRE_SSOR: Successive over relaxation (using just A) PRE_BJACOBI: Block Jacobi (using just A) residual - the final computed residual procinfo - the usual processor stuff


out_x - the solution vector


The number of iterations.


The system solved is (A-shift*B)out_x = in_rhs. The preconditioners must be computed prior to calling BSpar_isolve. For more information on the preconditioners, see the manual. The following are now specified in the context: err_tol - the tolerance to which to solve the problem stop if the estimated norm of the residual divided by the norm of the rhs is less than err_tol max_iter - the maximum number of iterations to take guess - if TRUE, then initialize out_x to 0, otherwise the program assumes that out_x contains an initial guess


int BSpar_isolve(BSpar_mat *A, BSpar_mat *fact_A, BScomm *comm_A, BSpar_mat *B, BScomm *comm_B, FLOAT *in_rhs, FLOAT *out_x, FLOAT shift, FLOAT *residual, BSprocinfo *procinfo)


BlockSolve95/src/BSpar_isolve.c 4/4/1996 BSpar_isolve(3)

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