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BSeasy_A(3)                      BlockSolve95                      BSeasy_A(3)


BSeasy_A - Given A in a standard numerical format, construct the sparse A that we need for BlockSolve. This routine is particularly useful for matrices created in Fortran. The rows on a processor must be contiguous in the global numbering. If they are not, then other BlockSolve routines must be called to construct the matrix for BlockSolve. Arrays are indexed starting with 0. The values in a row must be sorted according to column number.


start_num - the global number of the first row on this proc. n - the number of rows on *this* processor. rp - an array of indices of length n+1 -- rp(i) gives the beginning entry of row i in cval and aval. cval - an array of column numbers. cval[i] gives the column number of entry i in aval. aval - an array of the nonzero values in the sparse matrix. procinfo - the usual processor information


a pointer to a sparse matrix in BlockSolve format.


BSspmat *BSeasy_A(int start_num, int n, int *rp, int *cval, FLOAT *aval, BSprocinfo *procinfo)


BlockSolve95/src/BSeasy_A.c 10/19/1995 BSeasy_A(3)

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