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Auto(1.0)                                                            Auto(1.0)


Auto - the AfterStep auto-raise module


Auto is spawned by afterstep, so no command line invocation will work. An appropriate invocation from afterstep looks like: Module Auto 325 or, from a menu: Popup "Modules" Title "Modules" Module "Audio" Audio Module "Auto" Auto 325 Module "Wharf" Wharf Module "Ident" FvwmIdent Module "Pager" FvwmPager 0 3 The numeric argument is required. It specifies how long a window must retain the keyboard input focus before it is raised. The delay is measured in milliseconds, and any integer 0 or greater is acceptable.


Auto is a port of the FvwmAuto to Afterstep by Frank Fejes <frank@ssax.com> 3rd Berkeley Distribution October 1996 Auto(1.0)

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