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AuSetErrorHandler(3)  DragonFly Library Functions Manual  AuSetErrorHandler(3)

       AuSetIOErrorHandler - set handler for fatal IO errors

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       AuBool (*AuSetIOErrorHandler(server, handler))()
           AuServer *server;
           AuBool (*handler)(AuServer *);

       server    Specifies the connection to the audio server.

       handler   Specifies the fatal error handler.  Use NULL to reinstall the
                 default fatal error handler.

       AuSetIOErrorHandler sets the fatal I/O error handler and returns the
       previous error handler.  The error handler will be invoked if a system
       call error occurs (for example, the connection to the server was lost).
       As this is assumed to be a fatal condition, the error handler routine
       should not return.  If the I/O error handler does return, the client
       process exits.

See Also
       AuServerName, AuGetErrorDatabaseText, AuGetErrorText,
       AuSetErrorHandler, AuSynchronize.

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

audiolib - error handling            1.9.4                AuSetErrorHandler(3)

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