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AuSetBucketAttributes(3)                    DragonFly Library Functions Manual

       AuSetBucketAttributes - set bucket attributes

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       void AuSetBucketAttributes(server, bucket, valuemask, attributes,
           AuServer *server;
           AuBucketID bucket;
           AuMask valuemask;
           AuBucketAttributes *attributes;
           AuStatus *status; /* RETURN */

       server    Specifies the connection to the audio server.

       bucket    Specifies the audio bucket.

       valuemask Specifies which bucket attributes are defined in the
                 attributes argument.  This must be a bitwise inclusive OR of
                 one or more of these constants: AuCompCommonIDMask,
                 AuCompCommonKindMask, AuCompCommonUseMask,
                 AuCommonFormatMask, AuCommonNumTracksMask,
                 AuCommonAccessMask, AuCommonDescriptionMask,
                 AuCompBucketSampleRateMask, or AuCompBucketSamplesMask.

                 Specifies the structure from which the values (as specified
                 by the value mask) are to be taken.

       status    If non-NULL, flush the output buffer and return the status
                 from the server.

       AuSetBucketAttributes sets the attributes of bucket using only those
       values in attributes specified by valuemask.


This is not implemented in the server. Expect an AuBadImplementation error if used in a client application. Errors AuBadImplementation. See Also AuGetBucketAttributes. audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface audiolib - bucket attributes 1.9.4 AuSetBucketAttributes(3)

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