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AuMakeElementImportBucket(3)                DragonFly Library Functions Manual

       AuMakeElementImportBucket - initialize an ImportBucket element

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       AuMakeElementImportBucket(element, sample_rate, bucket, num_samples,
       offset, num_actions, actions)
           AuElement *element; /* RETURN */
           unsigned short sample_rate;
           AuBucketID bucket;
           AuUint32 num_samples;
           AuInt32 offset;
           int num_actions;
           AuElementAction *actions;

       element   Returns the initialized element.

                 Specifies the sample rate of the audio data.

       bucket    Specifies the ID of the bucket to read the audio data from.

                 Specifies the number of samples to read from the bucket.
                 Ignored for "trivial" flows.

       offset    Specifies the offset into the bucket to begin reading at.

                 Specifies the number of actions in actions.

       actions   Specifies the list of actions to associate with this element.
                 Entries in this list can be initialized with
                 AuMakeChangeStateAction, AuMakeSendNotifyAction, and
                 AuMakeNoopAction.  May be NULL.

       AuMakeElementImportBucket sets the type member of element to
       AuElementTypeImportBucket and initializes the importbucket member of
       element with the remaining arguments.

       AuMakeElementImportBucket is implemented as a macro.

See Also
       AuMakeElementAddConstant, AuMakeElementBundle,
       AuMakeElementExportBucket, AuMakeElementExportClient,
       AuMakeElementExportDevice, AuMakeElementExportMonitor,
       AuMakeElementImportClient, AuMakeElementImportDevice,
       AuMakeElementImportWaveForm, AuMakeElementMultiplyConstant,

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

audiolib - element initialization    1.9.4        AuMakeElementImportBucket(3)

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