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AuElementState(3)     DragonFly Library Functions Manual     AuElementState(3)

       AuElementState - element state structure

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       typedef struct _AuElementState
           AuFlowID flow;
           unsigned char element_num;
           unsigned char state;
           unsigned short pad;

       flow      Specifies the flow.

                 Specifies the index of the element of interest.  Use
                 AuElementAll to access the state of the flow.

       state     Specifies the state of the element (or flow) specified by
                 element_num.  This should be one of thses constants:
                 AuStateStop, AuStateStart, or AuStatePause.

       The AuElementState structure is used to access the state of elements in
       a flow.  Only flows and component elements (ExportBucket, ExportClient,
       ExportDevice, ImportClient, ImportDevice, ImportBucket, and
       ImportWaveForm) have state.

See Also
       AuGetElementStates, AuMakeElementState, AuGetElementStates.

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

audiolib - element state structure   1.9.4                   AuElementState(3)

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