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AuCreateBucket(3)     DragonFly Library Functions Manual     AuCreateBucket(3)

       AuCreateBucket - create a bucket

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       AuBucketID AuCreateBucket(server, format, tracks, access, sample_rate,
       nsamples, description, status)
           AuServer *server;
           AuUint32 format;
           AuUint32 tracks;
           AuUint32 access;
           AuUint32 sample_rate;
           AuUint32 num_samples;
           AuString *description;
           AuStatus *status; /* RETURN */

       server    Specifies the connection to the audio server.

       format    Specifies the data format of the audio data.  Currently, the
                 following formats are defined: AuFormatULAW8,
                 AuFormatLinearUnsigned8, AuFormatLinearSigned8,
                 AuFormatLinearSigned16MSB, AuFormatLinearUnsigned16MSB,
                 AuFormatSignedLinear16LSB, and AuFormatLinearUnsigned16LSB.

       tracks    Specifies the number of tracks of the audio data.

       access    Specifies the types of operations permitted on this bucket.
                 This must be a bitwise inclusive OR of zero or more of these
                 constants: AuAccessImportMask, AuAccessExportMask,
                 AuAccessDestroyMask, and AuAccessListMask.

                 Specifies the sample rate of the audio data.

                 Specifies the number of samples the bucket will contain.

                 Specifies a textual description of the bucket.  This may be

       status    If non-NULL, flush the output buffer and return the status
                 from the server.

       AuCreateBucket creates a bucket with the specified attributes, and
       returns the bucket ID, or AuNone if there was an error.  The initial
       contents of the bucket are undefined.

       AuBadValue, AuBadLength, AuBadAlloc.

See Also
       AuDestroyBucket, AuSetBucketAttributes, AuListBuckets,

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

audiolib - bucket existence          1.9.4                   AuCreateBucket(3)

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