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AuConvertDataToShort(3)                     DragonFly Library Functions Manual

       AuConvertDataToShort - convert audio data from the specified format to
       signed short integer.

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       int AuConvertDataToShort(format, num_bytes, data)
           int format;
           int num_bytes;
           AuPointer data;

       format    Specifies the format of the data.  Currently, the following
                 data formats are defined: AuFormatULAW8,
                 AuFormatLinearUnsigned8, AuFormatLinearSigned8,
                 AuFormatLinearSigned16MSB, AuFormatLinearUnsigned16MSB,
                 AuFormatSignedLinear16LSB, and AuFormatLinearUnsigned16LSB.

       num_bytes Specifies the number of bytes of data.

       data      Specifies the data to convert.

       AuConvertDataToShort converts num_bytes of data from format to signed
       short integer, returning 0 if successful, or -1 if format isn't valid.

See Also

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

audioutil                            1.9.4             AuConvertDataToShort(3)

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