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AMC-REGROUPE(1)              Auto Multiple Choice              AMC-REGROUPE(1)


AMC-regroupe - merge JPEG annotated AMC multiple choice answer sheets to get a PDF file per student.


auto-multiple-choice regroupe --projet project-dir --sujet subject.pdf --modele file-name-model --fich-noms students-list.csv [--noms-encodage encoding] [--compose]


The command AMC-regroupe.pl merges annotated AMC multiple choice answer sheets (there is one per page) to get a single PDF file per student. --data data-dir gives the directory where data files are (see for example AMC- meptex(1)). --projet project-dir Gives the project directory. --sujet subject.pdf gives the subject file (as prepared by AMC-prepare(1)). This helps in getting the page size for the subject to make annotated PDF fit this size. --fich-noms students-list.csv sets the students list file name. --noms-encodage encoding selects an encoding for file students-list.csv (default is utf-8). --modele file-name-model sets a file name model for annotated PDFs. In this model, some sequences will be substituted: (N) is replaced by the student's name. (ID) is replaced by the student number. (COL) is replaced by the value of column COL in the students list for the curent student. The default value is '(N)-(ID).pdf'. --compose When using this option, pages for which there is no scan will be replaced by the corresponding page from the corrected answer sheet. This option is for example useful when using the separate answer sheet layout: in this case, the annotated answer sheet will not be readable without the pages with the questions. When using the --compose option, one must also use the --tex-src (and optionnaly --with, --filter and --filtered-source) option. --tex-src mcq-source-file gives the source file for the subject. --with latex-engine gives the LaTeX engine (command) to be used to process the (optionaly filtered) source file. latex-engine can be pdflatex or xelatex for exemple. --filter filter sets the filter name to transform the MCQ source file into a LaTeX file (see AMC-prepare(1)). --filtered-source mcq-latex-file gives the LaTeX file to make from the source file using specified filter (see AMC-prepare(1)). --debug file.log gives a file to fill with debugging information.


Alexis Bienven"e <paamc@passoire.fr> Main author Jean B'rard Translation from French Georges Khaznadar Translation from French


Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Alexis Bienvenue This document can be used according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Auto Multiple Choice 1.2.1 08/01/2013 AMC-REGROUPE(1)

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