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AMC-NOTE(1)                  Auto Multiple Choice                  AMC-NOTE(1)


AMC-note - computes marks after scans data capture for AMC multiple choice exams.


auto-multiple-choice note --data project-data-dir [--seuil threshold] [--grain granularity] [--arrondi rounding] [--notemin min] [--notemax max] [--no-plafond | --plafond]


The AMC-note.pl command computes marks for all students from the scoring strategy extracted from the LaTeX source file by AMC-prepare(1) and from the data capture reports made by AMC-analyse(1). --data project-data-dir gives the directory where data files are (see for example AMC- meptex(1)). --seuil threshold gives the black ratio threshold for deciding whether a box is ticked or not. When deciding whether a box is checked or not, AMC-note.pl compares the black ratio (number of black pixels over total number of pixels) to threshold. If the black ratio is greater then threshold, the box is declared to be checked. Standard values can be 0.15 in the standard layout, or 0.5 for separate answer sheet layout (in this last case, letters are drawn in the boxes, and the students are told to fill the boxes entirely). --grain granularity --arrondi rounding ask marks to be rounded to a multiple of granularity. If rounding is 'i', rounding is done from below (as with floor(3)). If rounding is 'n', rounding is done to the nearest multiple of granularity. If rounding is 's', rounding is done from above (as with ceil(3)). For example, with options "--grain 0.25 --arrondi s", mark 6.285 is rounded to 6.5. --notemin min with this option, all marks below min will be replaced by min. --notemax max gives the mark to associate to a sheet where all answers are correct. If not used, marks are not scaled. --plafond with this option, all marks above max will be replaced by max. --debug file.log gives a file to fill with debugging information. --postcorrect-student s --postcorrect-copy c requests port-correction from the completed answer sheet identified by student and copy numbers. In post-correction mode, correct answers are not extracted from the LaTeX source file, but taken from the answers given on this sheet.


Alexis Bienven"e <paamc@passoire.fr> Main author Jean B'rard Translation from French Georges Khaznadar Translation from French


Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Alexis Bienvenue This document can be used according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Auto Multiple Choice 1.2.1 08/01/2013 AMC-NOTE(1)

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