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AMC-IMPRIME(1)               Auto Multiple Choice               AMC-IMPRIME(1)


AMC-imprime - prints AMC multiple choice answer sheets to be distributed to the students


auto-multiple-choice imprime --sujet subject.pdf --fich-nums numbers-file.txt --data data-dir --methode method [where-to-print-arguments...]


The AMC-imprime.pl command prints selected copies from a AMC multiple choice answer sheet. What to print The following arguments describe what to print: --sujet subject.pdf sets the subject file (prepared by AMC-prepare(1)). --fich-nums numbers-file.txt gives a file where the numbers of the copies to be printed are written (one number per line). If this argument is not given, all the copies will be printed. --data data-dir gives the directory where data files are (see for example AMC- meptex(1)). The layout database in the data directory is used to know at which page of the subject file each copy begins and ends. --split asks to print separate answer sheets separately. Where to print Several printing methods are currently defined: o with "--methode CUPS", AMC-imprime.pl prints to a CUPS printer. One print job is sent for each copy, allowing for exemple to use stapling. Use the following options with this method: --imprimante printer sets the CUPS printer name to print to. --options cups-options gives CUPS options, in the opt1=value1,opt2=value2,... format. o with "--methode file", AMC-imprime.pl outputs the answer sheets to files (one for each copy). --output filename sets the filename for outputs. The '%e' sequence will be replaced by a 4-digits copy number. If filename does not contain '%e', the string '-%e.pdf' will be added at its end. o with "--methode command", AMC-imprime.pl will use a provided command for each copy. --print-command command gives the command to be used for printing. The command string will be split at each space character (even when using quotes...). The sequence '%f' will be replaced by a PDF filename (containing the copy to print), and '%e' will be replaced by the copy number.


Alexis Bienven"e <paamc@passoire.fr> Main author Jean B'rard Translation from French Georges Khaznadar Translation from French


Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Alexis Bienvenue This document can be used according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Auto Multiple Choice 1.2.1 08/01/2013 AMC-IMPRIME(1)

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