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3ddeskd(1)                       User Commands                      3ddeskd(1)


3ddeskd - starts the daemon for 3D-Desktop, a 3D desktop switcher.


3ddeskd [ OPTIONS ]


This is the server for 3ddesk. 3ddeskd runs at all times to reduce load time and maintain a persistent state. In order for 3ddesk to work the server needs to be running in the background before you can go 3D. Just run "3ddeskd" to start it. Give the --acquire option to acquire cached versions of all your desktops. It will cycle thru all your desktops/workspaces. 3ddesk activates the server and gives you a fullscreen. You only need to start 3ddeskd once. If you run 3ddesk and it sees the server isn't started it will attempt to start it for you. When you start 3ddesktop without --acquire you will not see the images of your other desktops. It can only take a snapshot of your current desktop -- so either it must acquire them initially by cycling through all of them or they will not show up until you move from them using 3ddesktop. Your other virtual desktops will show up but only after you've been to them. The texture for the current desktop is acquired when you start 3ddesk so once you start 3ddesk from each virtual desktop your screens will all show up. They will only stay consistent if you only use 3ddesk to switch desktops (if you don't use another pager). Mess around with it and you will see how it works.


3ddeskd accepts the following options: --acquire[=#] Grab images for all the desktops by cycling thru (sleep for # millisecs at each screen for refresh) --mirror Mirror the current desktop image to all the other desktop faces. This is a clever alternative to acquire. --dir=/path The install dir if different than /usr/share/3ddesktop --wm= Specify the Windowmanager type so all the virtual desktops are found correctly. Available options are: kde2, kde3, gnome1, gnome2, ewmh, fluxbox, windowmaker, enlightenment, sawfishonly, workspaces --texturesize=# Size of texture for the desktop images (larger for more detail) in powers of 2. Default is 1024, values from 16 to 2048 are accepted. --fastest Hog the CPU for smoothest operation -v Verbose/debug information --version Output version information and exit




Brad Wasson bard at wassartistry.com 3ddeskd June 2005 3ddeskd(1)

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