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ARCMSR(4)             DragonFly Kernel Interfaces Manual             ARCMSR(4)


arcmsr -- Areca RAID Controller driver


To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: device pci device scbus device da device arcmsr Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): arcmsr_load="YES"


The arcmsr driver provides support for the Areca ARC-11xx, ARC-12xx, ARC-13xx, ARC-16xx and ARC-18xx series of SAS and SATA RAID controllers. These controllers feature RAID-0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10 and JBOD acceleration for up to 16 SATA drives. RAID level and stripe level migration, online capacity expansion, hot insertion/removal, automatic failover and rebuild, and SMART are also supported. Access to the arrays is provided via the SCSI CAM /dev/da? device nodes. A management interface is also present via the /dev/arcmsr? device node.


hw.arcmsr.msi.enable By default, the driver will use MSI if it is supported. This behavior can be turned off by setting this tunable to 0.


The arcmsr driver supports the following cards: o ARC-1110 o ARC-1120 o ARC-1130 o ARC-1160 o ARC-1170 o ARC-1110ML o ARC-1120ML o ARC-1130ML o ARC-1160ML o ARC-1200 o ARC-1201 o ARC-1203 o ARC-1210 o ARC-1212 o ARC-1213 o ARC-1214 o ARC-1216 o ARC-1220 o ARC-1222 o ARC-1223 o ARC-1224 o ARC-1226 o ARC-1230 o ARC-1231 o ARC-1260 o ARC-1261 o ARC-1264 o ARC-1270 o ARC-1280 o ARC-1284 o ARC-1210ML o ARC-1220ML o ARC-1231ML o ARC-1261ML o ARC-1280ML o ARC-1380 o ARC-1381 o ARC-1680i o ARC-1680x o ARC-1680ix o ARC-1680ixl o ARC-1680LP o ARC-1681 o ARC-1880i o ARC-1880x o ARC-1880ix o ARC-1880ixl o ARC-1882 o ARC-1883 o ARC-1884


/dev/da? Array block device /dev/arcmsr? Management interface


da(4), scbus(4)


The arcmsr driver first appeared in FreeBSD 5.4.


The driver was written by Erich Chen <erich@areca.com.tw>.


The driver has been tested on i386 and amd64. It likely requires additional work to function on big-endian architectures. DragonFly 4.9 November 6, 2017 DragonFly 4.9

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