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FullLogo.gif	From Joe Angrisano <>
	This is an original work.  <<current official logo>>

image.gif	Joe Angrisano <>
	This is an original work.  

bug-big.gif (.tif)
bug-fat.gif (.tif)
bug-small.gif (.tif)	Justin C. Sherrill <>
	Copied from the Dover book:
	"Animals: 1,419 Copyright-Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, 
	Fish, Insects, etc."  Edited by Jim Harter
	ISBN: 0486237664

165.tif	Justin C. Sherrill <>
	Copied from the Dover book: 
        "Full-Color Animal Illustrations CD-ROM and Book"
	ISBN: 	0486995461

	"Devon H. O'Dell" <>
	Alternate, vector-based formats of the Joe Angrisano logo.

dragonfly80x15.png	Micha 'GiM' Spadlinski <>
	80x15 DragonFlyBSD banner, suitable for use in teeny spaces.