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From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 01:54:56 -0500

Siju George wrote:
Virtualbox installation and qemu installation from pkgsrc failed for
me :-(

Just built qemu - will submit patches / fixes in a bit - but if you're itching to try.. and assuming our pkgsrc dependencies are similar..

Note: I haven't actually *used* the build yet..
  so it might just crash instantly, etc.

Against 2010Q1 branch of pkgsrc, on 2.6:
(other branches / versions might work)

  - build until you get the SDL failure, then tweak the
    sdl 'main.c' file to comment out the block containing 'mlockall',
    resume w/'bmake package' - might need to cleanup the .o file
    from the error first..
  - continue build until you get the QEMU failure about OSSVERSION -
    comment it out, and set 'version = 0x030000',
    resume w/'bmake package'

incedentally, this makes pulseaudio build, if anyone has any broken
deps on that. (again - no idea if it works :)

2x things to fix :

1) we need mlockall()

   for any ambitious VMem patch-making-ppl.

2) we probably should? define OSS_VERSION - or generally be more
   in step with oss.

I'll submit patches for pkgsrc / crosscheck pkgsrc current / file OS bugs in a bit.. time for a nap :)


- Chris

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