DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-03
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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-03
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Re: 2 NICs and 1 network

From: Petr Janda <elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 13:24:10 +1100

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
On Thu, March 15, 2007 9:14 pm, Petr Janda wrote:

Im using PowerDN (authoritative)S and PowerDNS-Recursor (nscache). They
need to run sepately. Have you used the ldap module for bind? Besides
last release being 2 years ago, i heard that its utterly useless too.
(you gotta keep the zone files on disk too), and ldapdns was quite buggy
last time i used it in production.

Well, I have to admit, after reviewing the products, I went with a custom solution where I built an application to track the records through a web interface and created ordinary plain text records for BIND from there. My primary worry was that these products constrain you to the maximum speed and reliability of your LDAP server - of course, that takes a lot, but there's something to be said for the appeal of simple text files that can be easily backed up or replaced.

i've used zones in LDAP in production for some time and its been quite problemless. the only problem was ldapdns was buggy at the time. Then i switch workplaces so i dont know, but as far as i know it still works with ldapdns. Where i work now we use powerdns/LDAP. We use OpenLDAP and reliability has been excellent. I'm going to set up another ldap server which will be a slave to the first one. The 2ndery dns will read zones from the slave, as at the moment both primary and secondary dns read from the single LDAP server, although as i said, reliability has been excellent. (according to cacti 99.89% availability)


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