DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-02
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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-02
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Re: distributed filesystem name

From: Robert Luciani <rluciani@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 22 Feb 2007 10:30:09 GMT

> [ In response to Matt's note in kernel@ about needing
>   a name for his filesystem ]
> My creative (beer) juices are flowing, so indulge or ignore
> as you see fit.
> Dragonfly larvae are called "nymphs", which can be
> pronounced the same way but written as "NymphFS" or
> shortened to "NymFS" if necessary.  Seems somehow fitting
> that eggs are produced in quantities of hundreds or
> thousands.
> Plus, lots of fun nymph biology terms can be used to
> describe different processes as they relate to the
> filesystem.  As nymphs grow, they molt (shed their skin).
> Molting can maybe describe the process of "Physical space
> recovery" or "Performance reorganization".  Plenty of other
> verbs like hatch, fossilize, and metamorphose from which to
> choose.
> Nymphs apparently often feed on mosquito larvae, but
> unfortunately not on penguins.
> *shrug*
> Geoff

OK just balling suggestions quickly: 

DFFS,   DragonFlyFileSystem (also a pun on FFS)
OmegaFS, since Sun got the last letter (ZFS)
AOFS,    AlphaOmegaFileSystem, all encompassing
SmaugFS, Smaug - the cool dragon from Tolkien
DracoFS, perhaps more ambiguous
LóngFS, Dragon in chinese


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