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Re: Announcing bug tracker

From: "Simon 'corecode' Schubert" <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:18:52 +0200

Bill Hacker wrote:
Oliver Fromme wrote:


There's just one small problem. It seems that the bug
tracker simply uses the user-part of the email address
as account name. However, my client on this machine
generates unique hashes when sending articles to public
newsgroups, in order to protect


spam.  For example, this
posting comes from:  check+j2e0vn00rsh5xb2o@xxxxxxxxxx

One of the postings I made to the bugs list 3 months ago
made it into your tracker with the this account name:

Obviously that makes it somewhat difficult to handle,
because a different hash is generated each time.  Also,
it's not possible to reply to such an address when it
is older than two weeks ...  After two weeks, any reply
is automatically answered with a "fresh" email address
(I've currently disabled that feature, though, so I could
get a possword for my account).

Unfortunately, I don't know how to easily solve that

Best regards

Dunno how that would block spam that you cannot block just as effectively by other means. Ones that do not break *anything*.

In fact, you may be creating more server workload in general for legitimate callers, not to mention possible collateral spam damage.

Which of us is out of step here?

I think it is a passable way to stop a big share of spam. Nobody gets harmed. You can't argue "never bounce spam mails" because this would mean that I have to check every mail for spam before I can decide "unknown address + spam -> drop" or "unknown address + non-spam -> bounce".

No, we can't go this way. If a mail arrives at an invalid address, it will be bounced. And I can keep my addresses as long as I desire, even if it is just for two weeks. Everybody can reach me without problems within those two weeks, after that they get a "this email address has changed" reminder. No big deal about that. Don't argue "but then people possibly are fed up and won't answer": so what?

So what does it break, then? I could see your point, but I don't accept it without proper reasoning.


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