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Re: Any serious production servers yet?

From: Dave Hayes <dave@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 23:09:34 -0700

Justin C Sherrill <justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>Dave Hayes wrote:
>> So. What would it take to have a simple and concise set of commands
>> any inexperienced adopter could easily apply to get a basic DFly
>> system with X, gnome or KDE, and some basic applications?
> Someone writing it is what it takes.  Like much open source documentation,
> the handbook and other things are written in DocBook, 

I have no problem using DocBook (it's my current documentation system
as well) and I think I've even contributed one small patch to the
handbook. But I'm not sure the handbook is the answer.

> The wiki presents a nice alternative; it's much easier to add to. 

Except it's recently been unstable. At some point I presume it will
become stable again. :) 

> If you want to write something up and put it in the wiki, that would be
> great.  If you want to add something to the handbook or other documents in
> CVS under doc/, you can write the plain text and I'll happily do the
> conversion if you don't want to. 

I'm coming up on some actual work I have to do comparing DFly to
FreeBSD, but I lead three lives at the moment only one of which is 
computer science. If no one else beats me to it, I guess the best
place to start would be to bring up a DFly desktop, journal my
experiences, and attempt to put something together which can hopefully
be maintained. 

My one reservation is that I really want to know what the best
practices are, and I fear that I won't know that until 6 months down
the road where I encounter some problem that highlights that I haven't
done the best practice. :) Thus, hopefully if I write something like
this I can expect to have lots of peer and mentor review. 

> I completely 100% agree with you.  We need more docs that are easy and
> quick.  Even if the Handbook was up to date and revised, it'd still be
> quite the slog to get through.

There's a bit of conflicting information as well. 

Perhaps the real way to document the process of getting to a place
where you can just say "install this" is to write a shell script? 
I've been using that methodology to document processes for quite some
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