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is it possible to use diiferent sources to setup a dfly system?

From: topet <topetski@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 01:50:35 +0800

sorry for the noob question, but im really getting confused on what
docs to follow regarding using pkgsrc in dragonflybsd. would it be
possible to make pkgsrc work in a system with this configuration:
1. base system setup using the latest preview iso from the link in the
dragonflybsd site download page
2. src tarball from the gobsd preview 2 iso (of course, updated later...)
3. latest pkgsrc tarball downloaded from the netbsd site (updated too...)
i cant follow the exact way the dfly docs is suggesting for i dont
have the bandwith available at home, that's the reason why im asking
you this...

hope to hear from you, thank you very much!!!

dflynoob ;o)

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