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Re: Hardware Detection Question

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 02:57:23 +0800

justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

- NIC is detected by the BIOS, network boot can be configured, FreeBSD
4.11-RELEASE detects, configures, uses em0.

- DragonFlyBSD does not detect or use it.  Does detect dc0 (in VIA MB
chipset) and Sis0, or Rl0, or fxp0

A couple people have mentioned that their em card takes a bit of time to
come online; does em0 "appear" after waiting a short while after boot?


Further, though

kldload if_em
kldload /modules/if_em

returns no error (even if successively issued) neither does ifconfig show it,
nor kldstat, nor will ifconfig create em0 ..... work.

No change with/without ACPI at DragonFly boot menu.
Verbose logging either hangs the system, or takes so long it may as well have done. ;-)

FWIW, a similar issue exists with a Promise Fastrak S150-TX2 Plus.

FreeBSD 4.11 RELEASE (iso) and BIOS can see, configure, utilize, but
DragonFlyBSD cannot.

MB MSi MS-6378 Rev 3 Athlon 2000+ (clock 1.666 GHz) VIA glue chipset.

- Both symptoms also occur on an A-Open MB with K6-2+ 500 MHz, but that one is
so old we complaineth not.

OTOH - I am concerned as to how we are (are not) managing the PCI bus conversation(s).
These are conservative MB w 100 MHz FSB - not pushing the limits.


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