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Re: More art

From: "Liam J. Foy" <liamfoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 11:18:26 +0000

On Fri(01)/Apr/05 - , Bill Hacker wrote:
> Zera William Holladay wrote:
> >Sorry, I know you've all seen a lot of DF art but here's another one:
> >
> >http://icarus.uic.edu/~zholla1/hackers.gif
> >
> >-Zera
> Well............
> In the interest of anatomical accuracy.....
> a 'proper' Dragonfly..
> - has two sets of wings, up to nearly a meter in span at one time in the 
> fossil record.
> - has *much* larger phased-array compound eyes (12,000+receptors each), 
> as it is a 'sight hunter'
> - has no 'stinger'.   The gadgetry at the aft-end is, among other 
> things, for clinging to its mate, and/or dipping sperm out of a pocket 
> on its main body and conveying it to a similar location on said mate, 
> (who does what, with which, and to whom, up to the proclivities of the 
> players......as ever was..), and an excercise, BTW, that they can 
> accomplish while in flight.  Eat 'yer heart out, KC-135 refueling crews ;-)
> - has a folded-under, split, extensible lower jaw with gripping prongs 
> that resembles a cross betwwen an Ingersoll-Rand 1BU continuous mining 
> machine and a 6000-Anthony rough-terrain forklift. With this it catches 
> its prey (in midair), draws the meal back to the rest of the mouth, and 
> eats it from the top downward.
> A serious 'Mean Mary Jean' - death on other insects.  One thing a 
> Dragonfly *cannot* do is 'kick ass'.  Legs are too weak - suited to 
> landing or clinging to plant stalks only.
> Bill

I vote Bill Hacker as the resident DragonFly comedian =)

			- Liam J. Foy

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