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Re: Swap-space

From: Gabriel Ambuehl <gaml@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 16:44:11 +0200

Erik Wikström wrote:

>I'm reading through the Handbook since I'm planning to install DragonFly on
>my laptop soon. An in section 6.2 it says that the swap-partition should be
>twice the size of the RAM and goes on with examples. However I have to
>question the correctness of this, does it still hold true that the swap
>should be twice the RAM even with the size of RAM that most computers have
>My laptop has 768 MB RAM and I think that 1,5 GB swap is a bit much,
>especiall considering that I've only got 40GB on the disk, what would be a
>more appropriate size?

It mostly depends what you plan on doing, really. If you know your usage
patterns barely ever need the 768MB then 512MB would be just fine.
However, you need to take into account, that some stuff crashes when it
runs out of RAM you might want to be on the safe side and use some more.
Unless you do lots of multimedia stuff, 40GB is a lot anyway.

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