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Re: Backup solution

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 15:03:23 +0800

Iantcho Vassilev wrote:

Hello, Boys,

I have a dilema - until recentrly out company have made backups via
tarring and ssh-ing to a backup server, but i thing that`s preatty old
way of doing it, so i`m thinking of using some backup solution.
I have checked Amanda,Bacula,Dar,BoxBackup and so ...
But i think i only saw a raw restore from a shareware solution Arkeia.
I want be able to do that whit an OpenSource solution.

Give some opinions, please!

'Old way' is not necessarily a bad way, but 'rsync' can give you good results too, and is a road well-traveled.

See also cpdup and cvs, at least for reference.

What you choose depends to some extent on your
available bandwidth, available storage space at each end,
how 'current' your backup needs to be, how much time
you can allow for restoral, and what method you expect
to use to perform it.

It also matters whether or not your backup is to
also serve as a working 'failover' system, and if you
want periodic archives as well as/instead of a
continuously updating image.

More than one method can be combined, i.e.
frequent rsync runs plus periodic tar at either
or both ends.

IOW - there are *many* open-source solutions,
each with different strengths, and no gaps
that I am aware of the force a commercial


Bill Hacker

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