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Re: 10 Gig E

From: Raphael Marmier <raphael@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 19:39:26 +0100

Matt, what about creating an dragonfly.hardware list and associated newsgroup so hardware fanatics can flame each other without annoying/insulting/assaulting other users who beg to differ?

I hope you will be able to keep the extremely positive atmosphere of the lists, as it is a distinct strength of the project.



PS: having it as a newsgroup feed is just wonderfull.

Boris Spirialitious wrote:
So why coders not get their own list? You spend
2 days talking about stupid editor like college boys. This "users" list, but you not let users discuss anything. Users don't care about writing
editor. We care about how to use OS for our needs.

Don't write me offlist. I don't want to hear
bull from Hacker. I want to hear about real user
experiences. Maybe there are no users? Maybe I start to understand.

thank you,


--- Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Boris Spirialitious wrote:

Im sorry, but what cards supported by dragonfly
not ok to be on list? You must be joker?

Not this time..

There has been a lot of 'trolling' on the list
- arguments about PCI-X{whatever} that get
some really foolish people trading insults.

I like exploring hardware - it is what I do.
Too much time and money spent on it,
over the past 40+ years- really too much.

I gather you are interested in it as well.

But even if we have a simple discussion, there
are others who do NOT understand the technlogy
and then jump in with insults about
other people's intelligence.

That gets the coders pissed-off because the
discussion has less and less to do with the
*software* project.

Drivers, of course, are another matter.
There should probably be a separate list for those,
but there isn't one yet.

AFAIK, most of the drivers are coming from
whichever other *BSD has a good one.

Ohters -such as Intel and NVidia, sometimes
grant use of a binary under NDA.

Just my 2 kopeks worth.


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