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Re: Re[2]: PCIX confusion

From: Boris Spirialitious <hardcodeharry@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 06:10:41 -0800 (PST)

--- Gabriel Ambuehl <gaml@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Boris Spirialitious,
> you wrote.
> BS> But what you say about pciE makes me think you
> BS> do not know about hardware either. only pcie x1
> BS> cards are available, which is not fast. What
> BS> pciE cards have you tested? Why would you buy
> BS> machine with pciE? Just because it new? It no
> BS> make sense what you say.
> Actually, seeing that PCIe is point to point, the
> bandwidth offered by
> even PCIe 1x is vastly superior to conventional PCI.
> And once you get
> to the 4x or even 8x range, much less 16x (which
> pushes more data than
> the FSB on many current CPU handles, IIRC), you
> outperform PCIX with ease.
> Electrically, the links are much easier to route
> which should lower
> board prices (no more 8 layer server boards) and
> increase stability,
> even.
> Lack of contention and lower latency on point to
> point links will also
> prove beneficial over the long term

Again, more wrong theory. pciE 1x much slower 
than pciX. I try. And what good is 4x or 16x 
if not available? Same difference as pci vx pci-x. 

Anybody here ever try anything, or all just theory?


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