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Re: Dragonfly and Hyperthreading....

To: Jonathan Fosburgh <jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: David Xu <davidxu@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 09:23:11 +0800

Jonathan Fosburgh wrote:

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 07:01, Erik P. Skaalerud wrote:

From what I see, people who use BSD have the choice of using Intel or
Via, these are the only mainboard chipset i know of that works the way
they should under BSD. (There might be more chipsets, but none that I
have worked with.. like "Ali")

- Erik

FWIW, I'm using AMD64 on SiS chipset at home. It all works except for onboard sound.
This is important, so you are forced to buy another sound card, at
least, this is not acceptable for me, why should I buy another while
it is already on the board ?

I'm running FreeBSD/i386 (5.4-PRE) on it. No DFly yet, since there
is no support for UFS2 it looks like I will have to create some new filesystems using UFS1 for the data that I need to share (notably email).

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