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Re: sendmail as a secondary MX

From: Janet Sullivan <ciscogeek@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 12:06:21 -0800

justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

and spam filtering software) went down.  In theory, if that main server
went down, mail would go to the secondary server and sit there until it
could be delivered to the main machine.  I also had (somewhat dangerously)


on in the .mc file.

I've thought of that, but then anyone in control of their own DNS can list you as a secondary MX and spam through your server.

It just bugs me that a way of setting up a secondary that I've used on
that box for at least the past 9 months with FreeBSD doesn't work with
DF, and I can't figure out why.  :-/

The only plausible answer at this point seems to be something caused by
the version difference.  Are the old and new machines both available?

Alas, the old machine == the new machine. I've tried starting from virgin DF config files, but still no go. I've diffed the current configs to the old ones (yes, I did make a backup), and there are no differences that should be causing the problem. I'm perplexed.

If it hadn't been working fine all this time, I would be certain that I was doing something wrong. But it stop working with the switch to DF. That still could mean I'm doing something wrong, but it was at least something FreeBSD accepted. With DF, its like it never sees the /etc/mail/relay-domains file at all. The file is chmod 644 though, so there should be no problems reading it.

Doing a diff of the files in /etc/mail/ mail turn up something.  Are you
sure you didn't accidentally copy over the other server's .mc file instead
of from tx?

Yup, I'm sure. I've triple checked.

We (meaning someone other than me, really) should push sendmail 8.13.2
into DragonFly, as that version officially supports DragonFly, according
to the sendmail changelog.

I'd be happy to test patches, although someone (other than me, really <grin>) should probably push 8.13.3 if they were going to do it.

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