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Re: XFree86 port broken?

From: Raphaël Marmier <raphael@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29 Nov 2004 23:20:22 GMT

In <20041129182215.GA835@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Joerg Sonnenberger  wrote:

> I'm aware of at least one problem with portupgrade. Since it depends 
> on  make index and make index currently *ignores* all override 
> packages, you have a big problem for both, XFree86 and X.org. The 
> problem is the way /usr/ports/Tools/make_index works, it drops 
> everything not beginning with /usr/ports in the package description.
> If you or someone else has a bit of perl-fu left, please have a look
> at it.
why not. I just got a look at this make_index and it looks like it 
actually remaps all pathes to the canonical path /usr/ports. The purpose 
seems to be that wether the ports collection is located in the usual 
place or another dir, it will always be indexed as /usr/ports/... 
implicitely, there can be only one of any given port.

from the little I now understand about the ports collection's INDEX, 
it's is the Makefile's index target that, toghether with the bsd.port.
subdir.mk and maybe others, scans all the subdirs and build a 
description file that is then fed to make_index.

thus, it is not just a matter of tweeking make_index, we must have the 
dfports be scanned and indexed as well.

Then, I suppose, it's a matter of having each dfports overide take the 
place of the original port.

The problem is that make index won't run in dfports, I just tried 
copying the files over and it breaks. Actually, I tried to run make 
index on a copy of the ports collection with a different base path, and 
it fails as well. It seems to be inextricably tied to /usr/ports.

is there a make wizard in here?


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