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Re: PORT Request: PC Emulators for WindowsXP

From: David Ross <drossNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 19:46:08 -0500

Michel Talon wrote:
P. de Boer wrote:

David Ross wrote:

Hello everybody,

By request and curiosity, I'm curious if anyone has made one of the pc
emulators working. qemu does not cut it, and it is corrupting the image
file for some reason under WindowsXP. I really need this to work.

I've succesfully installed and used Windows XP in qemu on FreeBSD 5.3. I did have some problems with 'disk read errors', so I reverted to the August 1st CVS version. That one seems to work ok, even on Linux on an iMac *evil grin*

Perhaps you could try something similar?

I think the original poster wanted to run qemu under Windows, and not the
converse :-( In my experience DragonFly (and also FreeBSD-5, ReactOS, BeOS, L4,
WindowsXP ) perfectly run emulated by qemu running on Linux. qemu runs
slightly worse on FreeBSD, and i have never tried it on Windows.

he was right. I'm trying to get WindowsXP to run in qemu. I'm on *BSD systems, but my home computer I mainly use is DragonFlyBSD. I've installed the latest qemu in ports. I'm trying to install again, but its slow as molasses. I believe my problem was the growing image puking on me after windows install with a ''read error'' which would happen after install. I'm trying 'raw' image type now. Will update with information when done. Thanks


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