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Re: Linux 2.6 vs DragonFly technical overview

From: Weapon of Mass Deduction <blacklist@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 02:32:33 +0200

Jonas Sundström wrote:
The Goals listed on the website look great,
but in general terms, what will the benefits
be to the admin or user?

I'm looking for some good information on how
DragonFly BSD compares to Linux 2.6, and why
it's the better choice for the future cluster/

If anyone's got an URL or something
that would be great.

Jonas Sundström.       www.kirilla.com

I think we should not hurriedly produce such a document.

The moment of the DragonFly-1.1 release would be a good moment to extensively expound the benefits of DragonFly BSD versus GNU/Linux
of some version (with clear conclusions, of course). I have the following reasons to believe that:

- The document needs to be a very well substantiated and reasonable
one, not an expostulation againt a, clearly *perceived*, threat;
- It might not be a good idea to begin promoting something which
is not as perfect as it will be in reasonable time;
- It is very ineffecient to redact a document of which we can be
sure that it will highly need updating,once DragonFly-1.1 is

I think the document needs to comply with the following
- It ought to be not unnecessarily technical. End-users need
to be able to understand the benefits as stated in the document
which they would have understood when they would have been understandably formulated.
- It ought to not be targeted against GNU/Linux alone. A solution
is to write a "General"-section plus productive OS-specific sections
in which the key differences (which are, I hope at least, positive
ones for DragonFly BSD ;)) between DragonFly BSD and the OS in
- It ought to be written correctly of course, but above all: in a
style that sparks interest.
- As for the technical part; I suggest utilizing XML -> XHTML over
plain text, or PS etc. for obvious reasons.

It might also be wise to differentiate between the separate target audiences; i.e. developers have other priorities than end-users.
This also applies to different architectures, platforms, etc..

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