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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2012-04
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Modified files:
      usr.sbin/tcpdump: Makefile addrtoname.c addrtoname.h gmt2local.c
                        interface.h print-atalk.c print-cnfp.c
                        print-sunrpc.c print-udp.c tcpdump.c util.c
Added files:
      usr.sbin/tcpdump: pf_print_state.c pfctl_osfp.c privsep.c
                        privsep.h privsep_fdpass.c privsep_pcap.c

A lot of rewrite of existing protocol handling is to be expected, and
these could break. Testing All those changes is going to be tricky as
protocols such as apple-talk are no longer popular.

Also, we need to check that tcpdump on pf isn't broken by this.

10th Last week: Commit to ?current

Please list any needed equipment or accounts for your work:

I already have a machine running ?current at home. I?ve already talked
to Angelos Oikonomopoulos who has shown some interest in reviewing the

A sane ?current & users willing to test the code would certainly help!

Brightest day,
Blackest night,
No bug shall escape my sight,
And those who worship evil's mind,
be wary of my powers,
puffy lantern's light !

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