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RE: linux emulation update

From: "Alex Hornung" <ahornung@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:18:07 -0000

: Nifty! what exactly does the update update to - took a quick scan of
: the LTP website and it didn't exactly say anything about what
: specifically it tests against.. that I could see..

LTP basically tests against all currently implemented syscalls (up to about
2.6.20something). I mostly bothered implementing syscalls <= 2.6.17, leaving
out a bunch, but also adding more recent syscalls (2.6.26, ...), mainly
because the gentoo base I downloaded relies on them.

It is far from full linux compatibility, but that is not the realistic aim
anyways; just being able to run most common linux binaries is enough.

So far I've tested the linux emulation layer with java and apache tomcat,
and it seems to work correctly; except for one nasty panic that crops up
after shutting tomcat down a few times (related to sys_linux_exit_group and
vm_map_stack_grow, it seems); I'm working on that currently. Apart from
that, I haven't seen any other panics, so it should be fairly stable once
this issue is addressed.

Alex Hornung

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