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Re: DragonFly 1.4. on Asus A8N SLI Premium

From: "Dmitri Nikulin" <dnikulin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 21:59:53 +1000

On 6/4/06, Willy Jacobs <wn.jacobs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Should DragonFly run on this motherboard (Nforce 4 based)?

PS. On the same hardware Solaris Express and Fedora Core 5 runs without

Also try NetBSD 3.0 and NetBSD-current. If they support the devices, it'll be a *lot* easier to port from them than to write from scratch. It should only be a minor change in the Intel ICH* IDE kit, but still best to have a source reference, especially source as good as NetBSD. OpenBSD should be a nice reference too.

I've been tracking mailing lists and the same chips should work fine
in NetBSD, but some people had ACPI issues because, well, it's nVidia
and we know they don't actually test things. If the support exists in
NetBSD, it should be easy to find the commits that added it and
translate them to DragonFly.

Out of interest, are the PCI IDs for the motherboard all identified
with their correct names?

-- Dmitri Nikulin

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