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Re: unionfs: anyone working on this?

From: "Marc G. Fournier" <scrappy@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 00:20:06 -0300 (ADT)

On Mon, 9 May 2005, Matthew Dillon wrote:

: : :Getting more and more tired of FreeBSD's crashes, just curious if anyone :is currently playing around with the unionfs code in DFly? : :Thanks .. : :---- :Marc G. Fournier Hub.Org Networking Services (http://www.hub.org)

   I don't think anyone is working on it at the moment.  Want to take a
   shot at it?  It needs a from-scratch rewrite but the rewrite would be
   considerably less complex then the original implementation because it
   would only have to implement the new N*() VOP's instead of the old one's
   and would be able to return the original vnode rather then maintain a
   fake vnode.  There are some minor cache coherency issues with having
   multiple namecache records associated with the same vnode (representing
   different directory paths reaching or going through a particular vnode),
   but I can deal with that when we get to that point.

Two words: I wish :( I had enough fun following your (plural) conversation on how it could be done, let alone trying to dive into it :(

Do you have an time estimates on how long it would take for someone to implement this, if they were doing it 'full time'? Is there anyone on this list that feels that they *could* do it, if their time was covered?

Not saying that I could afford to do this today, but if its something I could plan/budget around, or if others were interested enough in seeing done to be able to 'chip in' ...

I'm just tired of losing money because the FreeBSD folk don't feel its important, altho more and more ppl on th elists are asking about, and using, it ... :(

Marc G. Fournier           Hub.Org Networking Services (http://www.hub.org)
Email: scrappy@xxxxxxx           Yahoo!: yscrappy              ICQ: 7615664

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