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Re: DragonFly Security Officer and Security Team

From: "Devon H. O'Dell" <dodell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:11:27 +0100

Eirik Nygaard wrote:
On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 05:25:34PM +0100, Devon H. O'Dell wrote:


I hope we can get something worked out with this.

We always do.

I think there should be at least for starters a team of two people. At least for
the moment. These people should at least in my opinion be persons that are
already commiters. I can think of several people with commit access I believe
would be good for the job. I think the biggest problem with most people are time
constraints, but I guess those who want to be a part of the security team will
step up and say so for them self.

A large team is indeed at this point not in order (at least in my opinion). While I do have time and would really like to help out in this area, I do wholeheartedly agree that it's a better idea (seen from both an idealistic and logical standpoint) to make use of people who are already ``official members'' of the project. Committers, to put it another way. I can also probably name a couple people from that ``team'' that I would support for this position, but I'd prefer not to name them publically.

I'll leave this issue alone for the moment at least until Matt (or other team members) have provided their input as well.


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